Winter Truck Tyre

295/60R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/60R22.5 315/70R22.5 315/80R22.5


  • Big Block for Snow road
  • Good control
  • Wet Slip resistance

Suitable Conditions:

Excellent Quality Truck tyres for Ice and Snow road


Big block specially designed for Snow road provides good control performance and abrasion resistance

Proper steel disc design provides good griping performance and wet and slip resistance when driving on snow road 

improves tire's ice-breaking performance and driving safety

Ultra-wide tread provides better driving performance on the road

Data table

PatternSizePRTT/TLRecommend PermittedLI/SSSecondMax. LoadMax. Load Max.Air Max.Air Tread

Multi Grip 295/60R22.518TL99.75150/147K149/146L3350/30757390/678090013022.0 
Multi Grip 295/80R22.518TL98.25152/149M154/149L3550/32507830/716090013022.0 
Multi Grip 315/60R22.520TL9.75 9.00 153/150K152/149L3650/33508050/739090013022.0 
Multi Grip 315/70R22.518TL9.00 9.75151/148M154/150L3450/31507610/694083012022.0 
Multi Grip 315/80R22.518TL99.75156/150L154/150M3750/34508270/761083012022.0 
Multi Grip 315/80R22.520TL99.75157/154L158/156K4125/37509090/827090013022.0 

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