Truck Tyre 435/50R19.5,445/45R19.5,445/50R22.5

435/50R19.5 445/45R19.5 445/50R22.5


  • Structural enhancement
  • Low contour
  • Excellent rolling resistance

Suitable Conditions:


Long Mileage Solution:

Revolutionary structural enhancement technique to improve durability significantly . 

Low Failure Solution 

Excellent footprint distributing weight-bearing forces evenly over a large area to eusure uniform wear . 

Energy Efficiency Solution 

Special tread compound combined with low contour to ensure excellent rolling resistance . 

Data table

PatternSizePRTT/TLRecommend PermittedLI/SSSecondMax. LoadMax. Load Max.Air Max.Air Tread

Maxway 435/50R19.522TL14-160J-4500992090013014.5 
Maxway 445/45R19.522TL15-160J-4500992090013014.5 
Maxway 445/50R22.520TL1415161L-46251020083012013.5 

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