Trailer Tyre M603

385/55R22.5 385/65R22.5 425/65R22.5


  • High abrasion tread compound
  • widened tread width
  • reduce internal heat
  • excellent heat dissipation

Suitable Conditions:

Suitable for multiple-purpose transport on good road surface .


Long Mileage Solutions 

Outstanding belt durability to sharply increase mileage . 

High abrasion tread compound combined with widened tread width to enhance expected mileage markedly . 

Low Failure Solution 

Tiny zigzag shoulder grooves to reduce internal heat and avoid early damage of  shoulder  . 

Specially designed pattern grooves can effectively protect against stone embed and avoid early damage . 

Special shoulder curve design distributing weight-bearing forces evenly over a large area to eusure uniform wear . 

Transport Efficiency Solution 

Four zigzag mian pattern grooves to provide excellent traction and breaking performance. 

All-weather Grip Solution 

Multiple tiny sipes to provide excellent heat dissipation and wet grip 

Data table

SizePRTT/TLRecommend PermittedLI/SSSecondMax. LoadMax. Load Max.Air Max.Air Tread

385/55R22.520TL12.25 11.75160K158L4500992090013016.0 

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