Mining Tyre 12.00-24,12.00-20

12.00-24 12.00-20


  • Deeper Tread
  • Special rubber compound
  • Stronger carcass
  • Reinforced structure

Suitable Conditions:

For dump trucks on forestry logging service.


The mining tyre is specially designed for off-highway tippers. 

The tyre body is firm, the explosion resistance and the puncture resistance are good, the load resistance is extremely high; 

Due to the special tread wear resistance formula and low heat generation formula design, it has quite excellent cut resistance and wear resistance; 

Due to the unique deep pattern design and the wide running area design, it will not slip while climbing a slope, and the passing performance is excellent.

Deeper tread pattern for powerful traction and longer lifespan..

For dump trucks on forestry logging service. 

Data table

SIZEPRTYPET.D(mm)Std.RimMax LoadInflation PressureS.W.(mm)O.D.(mm)

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