Three Guarantees" after-sales service system of Tingsheng graphics card (three-year quality assurance)

The after-sales service of Gengsheng graphics card series products is as follows: three-pack service commitment, one-month replacement and three-year repairs, within seven days from the date of sale.

Part I:

Within seven days from the date of sale, users can choose to return, exchange or repair the product if there is a quality problem in the normal use of the product. When the user requests the return, the sales of Gengsheng graphics card products should be responsible for the return of the goods for the user, and the payment should be returned at the selling price at that time.

Part II:

Within one month from the date of sale of "One-month Package Exchange", users can choose to exchange goods or repair if there is a problem of product quality in the normal use of the product. When a customer requests a replacement, the Seller shall be responsible for the replacement of the same type and specification products for the user; when the production of the same type and specification products stops, the same brand products that are not less than the performance of the original product shall be replaced.

Part III:

Three-year Free Warranty" within three years from the date of sale, users in the normal use of the product, if there is a product quality problem, and belongs to the normal warranty. Provide three-year warranty service. If the components can not be repaired due to shutdown or other reasons, users will be replaced with the same brand products whose performance is not lower than the original product.

Part IV:

"Products under one of the following circumstances do not carry out three packages"

1. After the expiry date of three packages;

Secondly, the quality assurance label is torn off, torn up and blurred products.

3. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and keep the product in accordance with the requirements of the instructions for the use of the product;

4. Personnel not authorized by Tillage Promotion Company. Privately disassembled, repaired or attempted to repair the products, as shown in (loss and distortion of iron plate baffle, dismantling of heat dissipation fan fins, PCB plate deformation, collision scars, etc.).

5. Without valid three-pack vouchers or altering three-pack vouchers without authorization;

6. The type and number of the product on the certificate of three packages are not in conformity with the physical object of the product;

7. No factory name, site, production date or product qualification certificate;

8. Products damaged by accidents, misuse or in any way, irresistible natural factors. The performance is as follows: (product surface scratch, golden finger burn, loss of electronic components, PCB plate deformation, collision scars, etc.).

9. Products damaged due to improper transportation, use and storage by users. (e.g. damp corrosion, mechanical damage, etc.)

Part V: Rehabilitation Notes

In the case of three packages, the time limit for the return of our good repair parts to customers is within 14 working days of receipt. Except for the delivery time of products (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays), if the period exceeds, the products will be replaced or returned for users.

Note: The Company reserves the right to amend and interpret the contract as required by its obligations.